Custom Merchandise Meets Attainable Art

Micro-Run Canvas Prints

Your tattoo artists are talented. Help them sell more of their work with custom printed canvas wall art merchandise. Customers love our magnetic hanger system and great pricing. Businesses love the high-margin, low-commitment product to generate additional sales.

Just $20/piece with 2-piece order minimum.

All Custom Orders Include

Magnetic Hanging System

Solve framing and hanging for your customers. Our all-in-one print with hanger makes stylish, boho displays a breeze.

Expert Setup & Printing

Our design experts will ensure your art looks great. Printed on premium canvas, you'll be thrilled with the result.

Retail-Ready Packaging

Your art will be packed in a way that's easy for retail stores to display. Get placed in more stores and sell more.

Free Shipping

Wholesale pricing includes shipping to all domestic US locations.

Get Started Now

Checkout with our $40 two-piece offering, we'll get in touch to receive your file and provide production details.

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  • Custom Banner printing (2 Prints of One Design)
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